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Precision Training 
Colt Starting
 For Push Button Control


"It is a whole lot easier to cut butter... 

than it is to plow a field".  

What we mean by this is that a horse can move his own body a whole lot easier than you can, if you have to push and pull him around every where you want him to go. 

 Once he gains trust and respect starting with specific ground work exercises, he can then gain confidence in you and in himself and become a willing partner.  It will then be easier for him to learn to respond in a soft and willing manner under saddle.  

With repetition, his response and movements will be so soft, it will be like cutting butter.

We train for response.

Here at Painted Rock Ranch TX, we take a gentle approach to your horse's education.    

The horses are not pushed and therefore:

Your horse is:

Just think how much nicer it would be if your horse just willingly went wherever you asked him to without arguing, tossing his head, or having to drag him everywhere?

Horses are all different, and some learn faster than others, but all horses, including yours, can be trained and taught to be better performers in this manner. 



     Limited number of slots available means...
                Your horse receives the Quality 
        Care & Training that he/she deserves


By the MONTH

Colt starting will require a minimum 90 day stay...all others are on a month by month basis unless otherwise stated.  If it bucks it is either hurting or is not broke.  If it is not broke it will be 90 Days same as colt starting.

By the WEEK

Having specific issues with your horse?  Periodically we will offer one week sessions where we will work on specific issues such as going over obstacles, desensitizing to scary objects, getting a better handle and better steering, stopping better, side passing, trailer loading, ground manners, etc.

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Under Texas law (chapter 87, civil practice and remedies code), an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.


Painted Rock Ranch TX
Training for Response
Because Light Cues Equals a Soft, Light Horse...
Gina Biesenbach
Floresville, Texas
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This page was last updated on: March 6, 2022

Gina did an awesome job re-educating my 18 year old mare. She always kept me up to date on her training with her youtube videos. I got to see what Gina was doing with my horse and I was also able to see the steady progress that my mare was making. Not only did Gina re-educate my horse but she took time to teach me on how to continue on with my mares training once I got her home. Gina did wonders with my mare and I am greatly appreciative of all of her hard work!!! Thank you Gina and keep it up! 
~ Jody E. LaVernia, TX


Gina trained a 3 year old paint mare for me a few years ago, and I have to say she did a FABULOUS job! Gina's techniques in her professional training and gentle hands on approach to the horse, go without saying that you will not regret your decision in choosing her to start your equine for whatever discipline you favor, Western or English riding for pleasure or the show ring! ~Susanne F. San Antonio, TX.


"The 1st time I saw Gina working with her 2 year old stallion (Drake) in the round pen I was absolutely floored to find out he was so young and not gelded.  She was sitting on her young horse with only a saddle and no briddle and he was so relaxed, attentive, and eager to please her every subtle request. Then we chatted away for 20 or more minutes and he never moved. I have personally watched her work with my 2 year old green belgian. She has taken her from a totally goofy, unattentive, and sometimes very bossy mare to a calm, more attentive and respectful horse that I will confidently be able to ride in just a matter of weeks. I have told her more than once she has the patience of a saint! You can rest assured your horse will be in gentle and competent hands with Gina!"~ Jill Mills  Floresville, TX


You have a way with horses. The training you give your horses, is very rare in our area. I hope to be riding again soon, and HOPE to purchase a great horse from you. Thank you for your info. I will check your web site often. I plan to ride again soon, with my daughter. She has been training a beautiful buckskin. Thank you, Ellie ~ Walpole, Maine


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Drake's 4th show...3 judges
3 first places in trail
Leroy Day 6 under saddle
Very relaxed
Day 39 under saddle
Amanda's very first time to ever ride a horse, much less a easy going, quiet, and relaxed.
Here Zackery has come a long way
Cash @ 6 Days Under Saddle...
see VIDEO on Trail Obstacles
Casino @ 11 days Under Saddle...

Cash Bareback and Bridle-less
see VIDEO 
Bridgitt - Day 4 under saddle
Looking good
Skooter - Laying Down being good
see VIDEO of Skooter Bowing
Vegas Day 6 under saddle

VIDEO of Vegas on 6th Ride
Vegas  His first Show Season
see VIDEO of Vegas 
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