Shesa Hot Lil OooLaLa ~aka Skooter
2013 APHA bay tobiano filly 
 AQHA Oh Im Good               X                 APHA Skippa Lil Train 
Zippos Mr Good Bar son  x   Blazing Hot mare                                   by World Champion sire
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This page was last updated on: March 6, 2022
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Floresville, Texas

Oh my goodness!!! Skooter is the quietest, sweetest, smartest, easiest to train baby ever!  And as you can see, she is beautiful to boot.
Skooter learned to sit on a beanbag when she was just two weeks old...and she never argued about it, she just did it.

As you can see Skooter is coming along quite nicely...and she still does some tricks too!  She has had quite a bit of ground schooling and hauling so she has excellent ground manners and steps right up in a trailer.  Just started doing groundwork with saddle and bridle.  Fast learner - willing partner.  I think she is going to be a dream.  

She is good with obstacles, and pretty much goes where ever you point her. She'll pivot on hind and fore, back up, side pass etc. from the ground so from the saddle she should pick it right up with no problems

Skooter is super flashy, quiet, easy to work with and very willing.  She has Blazing Hot and Zippos Mr Good Bar running through her veins.  If you want something flashy that is going to get you noticed what ever discipline then this is the horse for you!
Skooter is safe at her new home in Kansas.
Thank you Sharon and Good Luck.